Captivating and Engaging
Visual storytelling captures the colour, action and sound that make each story unique.
People speak in their own voices, with the tone, emotion and context unaltered by subjective word choices.

Mike Patterson is a multi-media journalist and visual content creator in Victoria, B.C., Canada.
His style is documentary, focusing on people and what they do.
His photography is available on
Saatchi Art and Alamy.

Mike Patterson is a voice-over artist and documentary narrator.
He can connect live to studios around the world via
Source Connect.
His sound is ideal for documentaries and trailers, company videos, explainers and marketing videos.
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Why Script and Voiceover Matter

A self-made video may be enough sometimes, but most productions need high quality images and audio. High definition video is the standard and 4K is increasingly popular. Smartphone cameras capture good HD and 4K images, but lack the dynamic range and image quality of a professional camera, as well as the high quality audio you need. Another — and equally important consideration — is how to approach telling your story. More about this…
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