The First Impression is Important

Good writing provides a clear focus on the essential elements of your message. People have little time to read all that is available online. They also need to make a quick decision about services or products. It’s essential to make a good first impression.

Clear, straightforward, and precise writing gives readers what they’re looking for. Informative and persuasive content incorporating images, video or audio is the right mix to increase your search engine ranking.

Content is an important part of how search engines rank your pages. Engaging writing encourages people to follow your page, promotes readership, and generates increased sales.

Ezines, media webpages, eBooks with fresh perspectives, or informative news releases and multi media press kits can turn a quick glance into a long term relationship.


As the temperature of the Pacific Ocean along Canada’s west coast rises, the conditions for open pen Atlantic salmon farming are forecast to deteriorate. Researchers at the University of British Columbia predict that aquaculture will be forced to shift away from farmed Atlantic salmon. The upside to this story is that conditions will be much improved for raising oysters. It looks like climate change ultimately means salmon farms on Canada’s west coast face the same fate as the dinosaurs: extinction. Read the article:
Data Privacy Day highlights the insidious theft of personal information by seemingly innocuous apps and social media sites. Age, income, personal preferences, the links people click on, and virtually everything else that can be used as data points is collected and matched by data brokers and other companies. The unfortunate thing is this valuable commodity is unknowingly and freely given away by social media users. In this story, Mike Patterson talks with Caitlin Lemisky of the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of BC about the gathering of data points and ways to prevent it. Read the article:
Human trafficking in Canada is a hidden crime, a tragic victimization of young girls. It can happen anywhere to vulnerable teens who fall prey to pimps who come into their lives pretending to be boyfriends and trap them in a life of abuse. This story by Mike Patterson covers both the police angle and the larger picture of this issue with Barbara Grosse of the Canadian Centre to End Human Trafficking. Read the article:
The high cost of car insurance in British Columbia has become a big political issue and with an election considered to be somewhat of a possibility in 2020, but more likely in 2021, the government of British Columbia decided to start bringing a no-fault insurance scheme. The government says it will save motorists money on their premiums, but lawyers say it rewards bad management and takes away the rights of people injured in accidents. Read the article:
When the temperature of the ocean rises, the difference may not seem much to us, or even all that important. University of BC Oceanographer Dr. Brian Hunt explains that to the creatures in the food chain of the north Pacific Ocean the temperature of the water column is a matter of life or death. Read the article:
What does every kid want for Christmas? A chance to explore and learn about the underwater eco-system of British Columbia’s Sunshine Coast. PODs is a marine education centre being built by the Ruby Lake Lagoon Society and Capilano University has signed an agreement for its students to spend time there learning about the coastal marine environment first hand. Read the article: