Multi-media Journalism | Documentary Films and Photography
Documentary films and photography give us a greater understanding of the world. We witness the action and emotion of global events, and the lifestyles and activities of people. Visual images take us into the lives of people and show us how they cope and prosper. They reveal intimate details and leave us with indelible memories. Powerful visual storytelling transcends language and is an opportunity to have an impact — seeing is believing and hearing people speaking in their own voices is understanding.
Woman weaves carpets in Kashgar, Xinjiang
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Girls learn music at village school in Zhejiang, China
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Video Production
On screens in offices and homes, or smartphones and tablets in pubic places, people watch videos and webdocs. Visual storytelling can play a significant role in building a large audience. There are two ways to do this. Use real stories to create an emotional pull that engages the audience, or informative points leading viewers to the conclusion you want them to reach. Good script structure and high quality images and sound create the authenticity and trust that encourage people to take action.
Production Services
Your options for documentary and video production range from HD and UHD videos for broadcast and documentary streaming websites to social media videos created for the viewing experience on smartphones in mind. From scripting, to shooting, to post-production, each step is handled with careful planning and done with the equipment needed to create a high quality production.

  • Short videos for Instagram, Twitter, Facebook
  • Brand and company marketing videos for websites and press kits
  • Promotional videos for websites, Twitter, Instagram
  • Cinematic documentary shorts for websites and streaming services
  • TV/web news features and documentaries
  • Documentary photography
  • Magazine photo articles
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Production — Panasonic+Atomos for shooting high quality HD and UHD/4K projects for broadcast and doc-streaming websites, Canon 7D DSLR for HD web videos, iPhone+Moment Lenses for HD and UHD/4K videos destined for social media sites.

Post production — iMac+G-Tech external hard drives running
Davinci Resolve and Lightworks Pro — both are digital editing systems that deliver films for broadcast and cinema — audio post-production and narration using studio condenser microphones, professional digital interfaces, and Pro Tools and iZotope RX6 editing software.
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